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About Aussie Pet Mobile of the Desert


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Meet the Team

  • tony

    Tony Carilo


    Hi, I am Michael “TONY” Carilo. Coachella Valley has been my home for more than 55 years. I have three sons, one daughter, and nine grandchildren! After 30 years of serving customers and clients in the home-building industry, I decided it was time to pursue my passion for caring for animals. Since 2015, I’ve been blessed to be the steward of Aussie Pet Mobile of the Desert. All of us here at Aussie Pet Mobile of the Desert promise to love our pets just as much as we love our own!

  • angelica


    General Manager

    Hello, my name is Angelica! I have been with Aussie Pet Mobile of the Desert for the past 2-3 years and love it! I have a one-year-old dachshund name, Kane (who is insane lol). I absolutely love dogs and love all my clients. I am always here to help in any way possible! We take pride in our grooming service, if there is ever an issue please contact our office directly and ask to speak with Angelica!

  • carly


    Pet Stylist

    Hello, I’m Carly! I’ve been a dog groomer for 6 years. I love all animals, no matter their shape or size. Making your fur babies clean and cute is my priority and passion. I can’t wait to meet you and have your pups feeling fresh and ready for anything!

  • andrea


    Pet Stylist

    Hi, my name is Andrea! I knew this was my passion since I first stepped into a grooming salon. Finally, I turned 18 and was able to attend a grooming academy. I’ve learned all about different types of breeds and how to work with each different personality. I’ve been grooming for 6 years now and I’ve gained so much love for this career and developed such a connection with pets. I can’t wait to meet and groom your best friend and hopefully make them mine too!

  • jc


    Pet Stylist

    Hi, I’m JC! I’ve been grooming for about 4 years and have loved every second of it. I strive to give every dog the time and love they deserve while making them look as cute as possible. I look forward to meeting you and your little ones!

  • matthew


    Pet Stylist

    Hi, I’m Matthew! I have always had either a cat or a dog all my life and couldn’t imagine life without one. Grooming has been a fulfilling experience that I look forward to every day and give my 100 percent. My goal is to make the grooming experience as stress-free as possible to make it an enjoyable experience for both your loved one and myself. I am a certified cat groomer and could also groom your pups as well!

  • denisha


    Pet Stylist

    Hi, I’m Denisha. I’ve been a groomer for 9 years now. I started my career in the pet industry at a salon for the first 10 years, then joined the Aussie Mobile grooming team about three years ago. I really love being a mobile groomer and grooming your pets on the road. I have a standard poodle named Daphne waiting for me at home but I love any and all breeds. I look forward to meeting you and grooming your babies!

  • elizabeth


    Pet Stylist

    Hi, my name is Elizabeth Aguirre and I am blessed to say I love my job. Every day it is rewarding. If it is just a bath or getting rid of knotted fur it amazes me dogs will show they are grateful. The best part is how happy they are to go home clean and cute. I am glad I can make these pups comfortable again.

  • anesley


    Pet Stylist

    Hi, I’m Anesley. I enjoy creating bonds with the pets and getting to know them. Making sure they are as comfortable as they can be. The best part of the job is seeing how happy and fresh they are after their spa day.

  • leslie


    Pet Stylist

    Hi, I’m Leslie, being able to make a pet parent happy, puts a smile on my face each time! Including making sure they are being well taken Care of and loved in each appointment and transforming them into the clean and cute pups that they are!

  • morgan taylor


    Pet Stylist

    Hello. I'm Morgan, and working with dogs all day can be challenging but it is also so rewarding! When I think of dogs, I immediately get a smile on my face. Being able to provide a service for clients that keeps their dogs happy, healthy, and cute, is such a fulfilling job, and hope to comtinue building frendships with clientele and their doggos?

  • melissa


    Pet Stylist / Dispatcher

    Hello! My name is Melissa. I love being able to drive around, explore the desert, and meet great dogs and their parents! I have always been an animal lover and it brings me a lot of joy to groom your dogs and make them clean and cute! I take my time to make sure your pet has a comfortable and stress-free experience, and I cannot wait to meet you and your pup! I also work in our office and schedule appointments when I am not grooming, so next time you call in and schedule an appointment, you may be talking to me!

  • daisy



    Hello! My name is Daisy and I have been a dispatcher for Aussie Pet Mobile for 3 years! I absolutely love helping clients find the perfect pet stylist for their fur babies!

  • liliana


    Pet Stylist

    Hello there! I’m Liliana and I adore working and caring for animals. I am thrilled to be working here making pet parents happy and providing their furry babies with the best service possible. I plan on soaking in as much as I can so I can ensure that pets receive the highest standard of care. Overall I want the best for any furry baby I come across and I look forward to making them feel and look their best and deeply loved while being groomed!

  • yesenia


    Pet Stylist

    Hello! My name is Yesenia. Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved animals and always wanted to work with animals in any type of way. Luckily I was given the opportunity to become a groomer and I have been enjoying it ever since! Each day is so rewarding and I love the fact that I’m able to spend my day with different lovable pups!

About Aussie Pet Mobile

Embark on a pet grooming experience like no other with Aussie Pet Mobile! Our cutting-edge mobile units redefine pet pampering, boasting custom designs that come equipped with air conditioning, heat, electricity, and water. Picture this: a spacious interior, carefully crafted to enhance your pet's comfort and our skilled pet stylist's efficiency, ensuring every need is met seamlessly. But what truly sets us apart? Our trained skilled stylists provide unparalleled, 100% cage-free, one-on-one attention, transforming your driveway into a haven of personalized care. Don't settle for ordinary—choose Aussie Pet Mobile for an extraordinary pet grooming adventure your pet will adore!

Company History

Founded in Australia in 1996, Aussie Pet Mobile established its global headquarters in the United States in 1999 and has grown to become the number one brand in mobile pet grooming worldwide. Our commitment to quality, care, convenience, and loving attention to pets of all shapes and sizes has enabled us to expand rapidly across the United States. More than 70 franchisees and growing serve the millions of households that own dogs and cats.

In December 2021, Home Franchise Concepts ( HFC), a leader in home service brands acquired Aussie Pet Mobile. We invite you to step into a world of unparalleled pet pampering as Aussie Pet Mobile, now proudly under the wing of Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), invites you to elevate your fur baby's grooming experience. We've been on a mission to bring joy and beauty to pets nationwide. Our exclusive 15-Step Spa Treatment isn't just a pet grooming session; it's a transformative experience that will leave your dog or cat not only the happiest but also the most stunning furry friend on the block. Join us in the pursuit of pet happiness and beauty – because every pet deserves to shine!