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    Aussie Pet Mobile of North Central Dallas and Park Cities


    Why mobile pet grooming? That was the question we heard a lot when we started Aussie Pet Mobile North Central Dallas and Park Cities. Melanie and I already had a thriving Pilates studio in College Station Texas. Why not just open another one of those? Mobile grooming seemed like a big shift to our friends and family. My wife and I are also licensed clinical psychologists. Who knew active listening, excellent problem-solving skills and empathy would make for happy grooming clients? We both had a suspicion they might.

    Pet parents ourselves we identified several problem areas in grooming here in Dallas. A real lack of professionalism, client focused care and one on one grooming being the biggies. It took seemingly FOREVER to get grooming appointments for our dogs Judge and Waffle. Booking was usually an unpleasant experience if someone eventually decided to return our call at all. It was not much better with most pet salons. Once they got done adding on for basic services the price skyrocketed. On top of the hassle of shuttling our fur babies back and forth from the salon they both always returned home with the shakes. Judge also stopped trusting car rides. These far from boutique level experiences helped us to find Aussie Pet Mobile. Click around this site to learn more about how what we do here is far superior to what I just told you about. Better yet text me and I will tell you myself. We actually return calls. Our groomers are trained in American Red Cross Dog & Cat CPR/First Aid.

About Aussie Pet Mobile

Embark on a pet grooming experience like no other with Aussie Pet Mobile! Our cutting-edge mobile units redefine pet pampering, boasting custom designs that come equipped with air conditioning, heat, electricity, and water. Picture this: a spacious interior, carefully crafted to enhance your pet's comfort and our skilled pet stylist's efficiency, ensuring every need is met seamlessly. But what truly sets us apart? Our trained skilled stylists provide unparalleled, 100% cage-free, one-on-one attention, transforming your driveway into a haven of personalized care. Don't settle for ordinary—choose Aussie Pet Mobile for an extraordinary pet grooming adventure your pet will adore!

Company History

In December 2021, Home Franchise Concepts ( HFC), a leader in home service brands acquired Aussie Pet Mobile. We invite you to step into a world of unparalleled pet pampering as Aussie Pet Mobile, now proudly under the wing of Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), invites you to elevate your fur baby's grooming experience. We've been on a mission to bring joy and beauty to pets nationwide. Our exclusive 15-Step Spa Treatment isn't just a pet grooming session; it's a transformative experience that will leave your dog or cat not only the happiest but also the most stunning furry friend on the block. Join us in the pursuit of pet happiness and beauty – because every pet deserves to shine!