Safely Enjoying Independence Day with Your Pets

July 4th is a day of celebration for all Americans. The fireworks, the food, the fun, and the excitement, they’re all part of celebrating our nation’s birthday. All of these time-honored traditions are wonderful for people, but may not be too great for our four-legged friends. Aussie Pet Mobile wants you and your pets to truly enjoy our wonderful national holiday. Here are a few tips to make the holiday less stressful and safer for your pets.

  • Sometimes, pets can be frightened by the noise and excitement of fireworks and other traditional July 4th activities. Tragically, every year pets are lost around July 4th. Make sure your pets have a safe collar with up-to-date identification on their tags. If you have not already microchipped your pet, speak with your veterinarian about this. It is simple and inexpensive and can improve your chance of recovering a lost pet. You might also want to take a current picture of your pet so you have something to use in case your pet goes missing.
  • Consider leaving your pet safely at home if you go to parties or fireworks displays. The loud noise and unfamiliar places can cause stress and anxiety for your pets. They do not enjoy the fireworks so they may be happier if left at home. Please consider leaving them in the house, maybe even confined to a space that can be made comfortable and isolated from the explosions and bright flashing lights. Another option is to simply pull the shades or maybe turn the TV on to help distract them.
  • If you are hosting a party, ask your guest to be aware of your pets so they do not get out or get lost. Remind your guests that while 4th of July food is wonderful for humans, many of the treats can be upsetting or even toxic to pets.
  • Remember that pets can also get sunburned or overheated. Make sure they have a shady place to rest and plenty of water. Never use human products like sun screen or insecticides on your pets. There are pet friendly sun screens and pest repellents that your vet can recommend.
  • Finally, after any celebration, please carefully clean up your yard and any areas your pets may roam and play. Burned out fireworks and other debris or party food scraps can be dangerous to your curious pet who may decide the best thing to do with a Whistling Pete is to swallow it. A little bit of care will help ensure that you and your pets have a wonderful July 4th Holiday.

One of the best things to do at any holiday celebration is to take family photos with your pets. Aussie Pet Mobile is ready to help you get your pets looking great for their close-ups. Whether it’s a cute new haircut or just a deep de-shedding treatment, your professional Aussie Pet Mobile Groomer will provide a wonderful, 100% cage-free SPA day experience for your pets. We’ll come right to your home and care for your pets right there in your driveway in our wonderful, climate-controlled, mobile grooming salons. Call 1-800-PET-MOBILE (1-800-738-6624) today to book your Aussie Pet Mobile SPA Day.

From all of us at Aussie Pet Mobile – Have an awesome and safe July 4th Holiday!


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