Pet Grooming Helps Keep Your Pet Healthy & Happy

Maintaining a regular grooming schedule for your pet is not just about keeping your pet looking attractive.  Consistent grooming is a key factor in your pet’s health.  A healthy pet is a happier pet and healthy pets can save their owners significantly when it comes to vet fees and heartache over a sick pet.

For dogs and cats, nail and paw care is one of the top benefits of regular grooming.  Most pet owners are uncomfortable clipping their pet’s nails.  This is understandable as pet nails can be dark colored which makes it difficult or near impossible to see the “quick” which is the blood vessel that grows inside each pet nail.  The quick is surrounded by nerves and when a nail is cut too short, the quick can be cut which causes bleeding and is very painful for your pet.  Many pets have a deep fear of letting their nails be cut or even having their paws handled because they have been “quicked” before and carry deep memories of the experience.  Their trust must be earned back by very careful handling by their owner and by their Aussie Pet Mobile groomer.  For puppies or kittens, owners can help ease their pet’s fear by handling their paws and extending and playing with their nails as often as possible.  Once your pet learns that they are safe when their paws are handled, they will have less anxiety about getting their nails clipped.

Nail Clipping and paw pad management is part of every single Aussie 15 Step SPA grooming service.  If you let your pet’s nails grow too long they can curl and start to grow into the paw pad itself.  This is very painful and will cause your pet to walk differently to avoid the pain.  This can lead to arthritis and joint issues.  Open sores or cuts in the pads can cause infections and lead to severe complications.  Also, with hot summer sidewalks facing us, Aussie Pet Mobile offers Paw Pad Treatments that will help protect your pet’s paws from exposure to very hot surfaces.  Ask your Aussie Pet Mobile professional groomer about proper care for your pet’s paws.

Another key benefit of regular grooming is keeping your pet’s coat in great shape.  Owners that carefully comb and brush their pets daily can help reduce matting and maintain a healthy coat.  Many pet owning families are very busy with work and other activities and might not have the time to keep their pet’s coat brushed and combed out.  A coat left unmanaged can quickly develop serious knots or matts which pull on your pet’s skin and may require a complete shave down of your pet’s beautiful coat.  Imagine Holiday photos with your beautiful, fluffy Old English Sheep Dog looking like a giant Chihuahua?  Keeping your pet groomed regularly will prevent this from happening.  Matts can also restrict your pet’s skin from breathing properly and can lead to hot spots or even infections that can threaten your pet’s health.  Often hidden under layers of matted hair, a hot spot can grow into an infection without an owner even knowing it’s there.  This can be an issue for both cats and dogs.  As part of our luxurious Aussie Pet Mobile 15 Step SPA grooming service your groomer will help prevent this from happening.  If your pet is already matted, your Aussie Pet Mobile groomer can help you decide on the safest course of action for your pet’s health and safety.  You can count on Aussie Pet Mobile to always put your pet’s needs above anything.

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