Get Your Pets Ready for Back-to-School Time

Summer is over and families all over are preparing to send their kids back to school or have already had the big first day!  All summer long, your pets have been a part of having kids actively in their lives all day.  Now, virtually overnight, pets are once again alone for the day while kids are in school and adults are at work.  Pets don’t always understand what’s happening.  They may become scared or anxious and will certainly miss their playmates until they get used to the new schedule.  So, when you’re going through all the motions to get your family ready for back-to-school time, don’t forget the impact on your furry friends.

Consider some new toys or other safe treats that can help your pets stay occupied while the kids are at school.  Look into play dates with other pets that might be in the same situation as your pet.  There are also pet walkers, pet sitters, pet daycares, and many other opportunities to occupy your pet’s attention.  You’ll find your pet really looks forward to these distractions.  Be sure to do your research and you will find affordable and safe options in your area.

While you’re thinking about ways to keep your pet happily distracted while the kids are at school, don’t forget about their grooming needs.  Back-to-school expenses seem to have taken on a life of their own in recent years.  This certainly creates challenges for families on a budget.  Your pet still needs grooming care though.  Nails and hair don’t stop growing in consideration of family budgets.  This is a great time of year to begin or continue your relationship with Aussie Pet Mobile.

Aussie Pet Mobile offers a wonderful menu of services for your pet that will help keep them healthy, happy, and looking good.  Everything starts with our terrific 15-step SPA grooming package offered for all breeds of dogs and cats.  From there your professional Aussie Pet Mobile groomer can add a huge variety of services that you can tailor to your pet’s needs.�� Don’t forget that fall is one of the key times your pets will “blow” their coats which adds up to houses full of pet hair.  Aussie Pet Mobile offers a truly effective de-shedding treatment that will make a big difference for you and your pets.  Call your Aussie Pet Mobile professional today and make your appointment.  We’ll come to you with our 100% cage-free, no kennel dryer, one on one, professional grooming service.  Right at your home, right in your driveway, and right for your pet!  Call 1-800-PET-MOBILE today!


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