Doodles On Doodles Part 3 - The Perpetual Puppy

Doodles have become one of the most popular companions. Jeffrey Powers, DVM was quoted saying, “All ‘Doodle’ breeds are highly intelligent, seeing as the poodle itself is one of the more intelligent dog breeds,” Powers says. “The lack or lessened shedding present in all Doodle breeds reduces the allergic nature of the breed to its owners.”

Statistics in the UK now show that Doodles account for 26% of all new puppy purchases ( Reasons for increased popularity include their intelligence, friendliness, hypo-allergenic tendencies, and what most owners refer to as their undeniable cuteness.

All of this is true and notable. But one thing you hear from doodle owners over and over is that doodles tend to be perpetual puppies…and puppies are irresistible.

Recently, a labradoodle owner was overheard discussing this puppy-like nature with a group of pet owners. He cited his dog’s playful, cuddly nature (even though it was pretty large…80 pounds he said). One of the other pet owners asked, “So how old is your puppy?” He laughed and stated, “Oh, he’s eight years old but still has all the cuteness of a puppy.”

Doodles are the perpetual puppy. That may be the reason so many people are drawn to them. Whether you’re talking about an 80-pound Goldendoodle or an 8-pound Maltipoo, doodles provide perpetual puppy cuteness without all the puppy problems. Like all breeds, they grow out of the bad habits as they are lovingly trained, but seem to hold on to the loveable traits and irresistible looks.

At Aussie Pet Mobile, we know Doodle owners love their dogs and love giving them the best treatment possible. From grooming to diet, Doodle owners are passionate about their pets. This isn’t to say other breeds aren’t equally addictive. After all, every pet is precious and every breed is special. And to all our Doodle fans out there, we wish you the very best experience as you give and receive love from one of the cutest mixes on the planet.


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