5 Tips For Taking Your Dog To The Beach

Summer is here! Many of us want to slip on our flip-flops and head to the beach with our pup. Whether you’re hitting the sandy-shores for the first time with your pooch, or a frequent dog-beach-goer, here are 5 fun and safety tips for taking your dog to the seashore.

  1. Visit Dog-Friendly Beaches. Not all beaches allow dogs, and not every dog beach allows pets year around, or all hours of the day. Do your homework before you pack up the car and drive to the shore.
  2. Bring Drinking Water. You don’t want your pup to guzzle salt water, it’s not good for them. Bring a bowl and a few extra waters, just like you, being in the sun all day will make them dehydrated.
  3. Shade & Dog-Approved Sunscreen. No one enjoys being in the sun all day without shade, not even your pup. Heat exhaustion can happen rather quickly with dogs. Yes, your pooch can get burnt by the sun too. Never apply human-sunscreen on your dog, it contains chemicals they can’t lick!
  4. Take Extra Safety Measures. For new beach-goers, consider purchasing a life vest for your dog. Even if your dog can swim, make sure they avoid choppy waters, it can tire them out quicker than you might expect.
  5. After-Care. After you return home, give them a full rinse. This will prevent post-beach-odors while maintaining his coat being in top-notch shape. Also, dry their ears once before you leave the beach and once after their rinse, especially if your dog is prone to ear infections.


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