5 Tips for Preparing for Cold Weather with Pets-Nov-2020

Take care of your pets with the coming cold weather with these simple tips:

  1. Always dry their paws. After your pet has been outside, if their paws are wet, make sure to dry them. Use a wet washcloth to clean your pet’s paws and belly to clean off any snow, salt or possible chemicals. Be sure to put extra care into their paw pads and between the toes. Using coconut oil or another paw protectant on their paw pads before sending them outside can also add an extra layer of protection.
  2. Get them professionally groomed. Lots of baths can dry out their skin, especially in the winter. A professional groom by one of our specially trained Aussie Pet Mobile groomers will ensure that their coat and skin are ready for winter. If you have any questions about making sure your pet stays comfortable, our groomers can help.
  3. Never leave your pet unattended for long periods outside. In the winter, your pet should have a safe space indoors to ensure they are safe. Remember, if it’s too cold for you outside, it’s too cold for your pet. Make sure if you need to leave that your pet is in a warm space.
  4. Use pet friendly products. Products such as antifreeze and coolant are poison to pets. Make sure to use pet friendly ice melts and never leave your pet unattended near any winter chemicals.
  5. Avoid walks when it’s too cold. Pets can get wound up indoors and long to be outside, but if it’s too cold, it’s not worth it. Shovel an area for your dog to go to the bathroom and ensure they use it quickly and come back inside. Very young and very old pets might benefit from using an indoor space to relieve themselves as the cold can be extra dangerous for them.


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