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Aussie Pet Mobile

The Leader in Mobile Pet Grooming

Why Aussie Pet Mobile/Mobile Grooming?
Mobile grooming, particularly Aussie Pet Mobile, benefits your pet and you in many different ways.

Less stress on your pet as they are in their own environment and less hassle for you as it allows you to be at home doing other things. Alternatively we can come while you are at work, just like a cleaning service. Some groomers also do evening appointments as our Vans have lighting. They are also climate controlled for all weather.

Elderly pets that are difficult to take to the groomers are groomed at your home, also pets that do not like other animals and the stressful situation in most groom shops. Also nervous pets benefit as their owners can be there with them.

Do you groom cats?
Yes, the majority of our groomers do cats, we bathe cats and treat them for fleas and ticks.

Also the FURminator is great for cats even the short haired ones. We also shave cats and do lion cuts, clip nails and clean eyes and ears.

What is full service grooming?
Full service grooming means that we do all breeds, bathing, grooming, clipping nails, teeth brushing (not scaling), furminating (undercoat removal) flea and tick control. We also do cats too!

What is the FURminator?
The FURminator is a tool which if used every 4-6weeks reduces shedding by 60%-80%. It removes the pet’s undercoat(that is what sheds) and leaves the pet’s coat looking normal, not like a shavedown. We do both dogs and cats.It is fabulous!

Do you do flea and tick treatments, if so which kind?
Most of our groomers are able to do Frontline application for you as an added service, or we also have a natural flea and tick application as well.

Do you do anal glands?
No, that is a procedure that should be done by a vet! If not done correctly it can be a serious problem.

Is it necessary to book an appointment, if so how far in advance?
Just like any mobile service(plumbers etc.) we need to schedule an appointment in advance. Some of our franchisees have multiple pet mobiles so they may be able to accommodate more appointments. In general if you want a certain day and a certain time, you will definitely need to book well in advance. It is also an advantage to book on a regular basis as then you do not risk missing out on the time and day you want.

Not all services may be available in all areas. Please ask when you call for an appointment.