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Dog Grooming in River Oaks


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Aussie Pet Mobile comes to you and offers a complete range of Dog Grooming Services

Pamper your pooch with the ultimate spa experience – the Aussie Luxurious 15 Step Spa treatment for dogs is included in every appointment! Imagine your furry friend basking in the comfort of our climate-controlled mobile pet spa, enjoying one-on-one care that's 100% cage-free. 

Luxurious 15 Step SPA Grooming Service

  • On Site Grooming Assessment
  • Clip Nails
  • Brush out knots and debris
  • Shampoo in Hydrobath™
  • Clean Eyes
  • Clean Ears
  • Initial Rinse
  • Brush/Massage in Hydrobath™
  • Final Rinse
  • Towel Dry Face
  • Hand Blow Dry Body
  • Trim Paw Pads
  • Final Brush and Fluff
  • Light Fragrance (with your approval)
  • Tasty Treat (with your approval)

Additional Services

In addition to our fabulous 15 Step Spa Treatment, we also offer several other services:
  • De-Shedding Treatment
  • Aloe Remoisturizing Treatments For Skin and Coat
  • Pad Treatment
  • Shave Downs
  • Haircuts and Clips
  • Flea and Tick Shampoos
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Therapeutic Shampoos
  • Pawdicures For Special Occasions

We also offer a variety of special shampoos. All our professional grooming shampoos are Bio-Degradable, Eco-Friendly and Natural. We look forward to meeting and developing a great relationship with you and your pet!


Aussie Pet Mobile provides a relaxation and rejuvenation experience free from anxiety or waiting in crates. From gentle nail clipping and a luxurious bath with doggie-licious shampoos to a pampering massage and a stylish blow-out, our 15-step process will leave your pup feeling like royalty. We'll even add a touch of fragrance (with your approval, of course!) and a tasty treat to make the experience complete.


Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath

  • Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath
  • Paw Balm Moisturizing
  • Teeth Brushing
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De-Shedding Treatment

De-Shedding Treatment

  • De-Shedding Shampoo
  • De-Shedding Treatment
  • Combines to Loosen Coat
  • De-Shedding Tool Removes Undercoat
  • Reduces Shedding 60-90%
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  • Light Trims
  • Breed Inspired Styling
  • Shave Downs
  • Custom Puppy Styling
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Whitening Treatment

Whitening Treatment

  • Perfect for White Coats
  • Breaks Down Organic Stains
  • Restores Lustrous Shine
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