Wrestling With Your Pet

Pets love to play. Wrestling is one of their favorite pastimes. Both cats and dogs will often enjoy wrestling with you. Keep these three things in mind when you engage them with this kind of play:

Play In A Way Others Won’t Get Hurt

When you play with your pet, you are also training your pet. While your hand or arm might be fine with getting a little rough, you also are conditioning them for playing with others who might be more tender. Play in a way that others won’t get hurt when they step in to play with your pet.

“It’s All Fun And Games Until Somebody Gets Hurt”

This saying is true for people and pets. Roughhousing is enjoyable until there’s an injury. Your pet has body parts that can be very delicate or easily injured in a wrestling match. Be aware of these sensitive areas and be careful. Often, the legs of small dogs and cats can be especially prone to sprain or break. No one will enjoy that. Pet toys can make you feel a sense of disconnection when you are playing. This can lead to teeth coming out or an inadvertent injury. Like everything else, ease in and know your/their limits.

Take Breaks for Calm
When you are having fun wrestling, take a short break every now and then to give them a quick gentle touch so they know you are playing. Pets have been known to think your increased aggressiveness is actually a threat to them. When this happens, they will instinctively react to protect themselves. Make sure you are coaxing them into a threatening situation.

Pets love your affection and playtime. Have fun, be careful, and nurture this part of your relationship. As they age, their desires for play will change (and so will yours). Be aware of who they are and what they love. In the end, playing with a pet is a daily joy for most pet owners.


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