When Pets Pass

Aussie Pet Mobile customers provide the very best care for their animal companions. They are more than animals, they are members of our household. Because of this understanding, when we lose a pet, it’s especially emotional and difficult. After all, our animal companions hold an important place in our everyday life.

When one of our pets pass, they leave a hole in our hearts and an empty space in our lives.

Acknowledging the impact of loss is important. While funerals with burials aren’t possible for many people, time to process is important for everyone.

One organization that encourages consideration for hospice-supported natural death is Animal Hospice Group or AHG. This is an often-overlooked option for pets.  One of the four founders, Gail Pope, talks about how animals accept dying as a natural part of life and surround one another as death approaches. She says:

“These animal doulas gather close beside their loved ones as death approaches, providing physical and emotional support during the dying process – sometimes for weeks before transition. After the passing, many pay their respects before quickly resuming daily life, while others may linger a while longer.”

Animal Hospice care is a growing field as we learn more and more about our furry friends and their experiences. Here are a few guidelines to consider when your pet passes:

  • As they get close to passing, consider the best option for care (i.e. animal hospice care or euthanasia).
  • Make sure friends and family animals have a chance to say goodbye (if possible).
  • Take time to grieve and acknowledge the loss in your life.
  • Consider all of the great memories you’ll take with you through life.
  • Evaluate when you might be blessed by a future family member.

At Aussie Pet Mobile, we work to ensure you and your pet get the very best of care. We appreciate the love and concern you extend to your animal companions. Together, we are working to make sure every animal receives the love and care they deserve every day of their life.


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