Valentine's Day Pet Care Tips for a Love-Filled Day with Your Furry Friends

Valentine’s Day often comes with candies, chocolates, rich food, fun drinks, and excitement. But, almost everything we enjoy on February 14th is bad for our pets. So here are some tips about making the day special in a pet-friendly environment:


Let Aussie Pet Mobile Clean Your Pets 

APM pet stylists are trained for pet teeth brushing.

Order Dental-Friendly Treats for Your Dog or Cat 

A plethora of products are available that help brush your pet’s teeth while also providing a tasty treat.

Make the Day Special

Pet-appropriate fruits and veggies can convey your affection to your pet without compromising their diet.

Make the Day Special for Pets

Many pets are aware of special family events like Thanksgiving and birthdays. Including pets in family celebrations is something most pets love.


Just Think “Food”

Our pets often enjoy a new toy more than a new treat.

Share Your Valentine’s Treats

Conversation hearts, boxed chocolates, and dipped cherries… can all be toxic for your pet. This is a time to be extra careful and keep human treats off-limits.

Put Your Valentine’s Candy In Accessible Places

While cats are less likely to indulge in our human treats (and can get anywhere they want to go), dogs will do almost anything to taste our romantic treats. Protect your pet by limiting accessibility.


Giving the gift of Aussie Pet Mobile grooming service. This may be one of the best Valentine’s gifts for your family and furry friends.


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