The Ultimate Guide For Creating a Dog-Friendly Yard

Your dog-friendly yard should be a pleasant place. Where your furry friend can eat, enjoy his favorite toys, take a nap, bask in the sunshine, and even frolic in the rain or snow. It is essential for any pet with high exercise needs to have a dog-friendly backyard. There are many ways that you can create a low-maintenance, dog-friendly yard.

The Set-Up

Install a fence. Having a reliable fence will make sure your dog has a place to run free safely. It also adds privacy to your home.

Create a designated area for bathroom breaks. This will require training but is essential for creating the best dog yard. Cleaning up after your dog will be easier for you and keeps your pup more regular in their potty habits. Even more important, you can protect your plants if they are sensitive to dog excreted matter.

Make sure they have plenty of shade. When building a dog yard, you either need to make sure the area is in a naturally shaded area, or you need to plan on providing some type of shade, such as a roof, a doghouse, or even an umbrella.

Inside the yard 

Grow only non-toxic plants. Flowers are beautiful and should be included in every yard. But we also have to be mindful of those plants that are toxic to our dogs. Some of the most notorious offenders include Azalea, some mushrooms, lilies, black walnuts, daffodils, sago palms, dumb cane, elephant ears.

Designate a digging area. Dogs love digging in the dirt, the flower beds, and under the fence. Give them better alternatives. Enormous holes and unseemly dirt piles are not what a homeowner desires in making a dog yard. The best way to handle this and create a dog-friendly yard is by creating a digging pit.

A comfortable area where you can sit and relax with your dog. Your pup loves being outside with their family. Designate a spot in the yard with comfortable seating (preferably near shade) where you can eat, relax, or read a book with your dog by your side.

Finishing Touches 

Play Course. Like an obstacle course, but for dogs. It can include beams and tunnels. This will keep them entertained, and it is the perfect way to get your canine from its daily exercise.

Dog Pit. As we know, dogs dig the spots you would least want. Designate an approved spot for digging. You can hide their toys in it, set up a doggy house nearby, and even add safe plants and other landscaping items. Your dog will certainly appreciate a designated area of the yard where he can call his space.

Water Feature. We know dogs love digging, but water is often a close second. Whether you get a Kiddie pool and fill it with water or go all the way with a pond, your dog will love the opportunity to cool off on those hot summer days.


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