The Terror of Clipping Toenails Don’t Stress, Have It Done

If you notice your dog chewing on their paws, one reason may be toenails that need trimming. But trimming nails can be stressful and even dangerous (if you accidentally clip them too short and cause the “quick” to bleed). That’s why we recommend regular grooming, trimming, and monitoring.

That said, what options are there for the do-it-yourself pet owner?

First, if you aren’t confident in what you’re doing, develop a relationship with a professional Aussie Pet Mobile groomer and let them do it. There is no need to deal with stress when many animal shops offer this service.

Second, there are options when it comes to equipment. Some prefer the traditional clipper designed especially for pets. These have safety features to help prevent cutting “into the quick” (i.e. the blood supply in their nails). However, no tool provides complete safety. However, the preference of many is a dremel trimmer that smoothly grinds the nails back. Finding the tool that works best for you is key.

Third, frequent trimming causes the “quick” to retreat so it becomes less risky when trimming their nails. Don’t take a chance and cut corners when you’re cutting their nails. And remember, if you have doubts, don’t stress and have it done right by your groomer or veterinarian.


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