The Do’s & Don'ts For Leaving Your Dog Alone-Aug-2021

Over the past year and a half, everyone spending far more time at home is a dream come true for our furry family members. Although, as things return to a new idea of normal, you may be out of the house a lot more often. Of course, we have loved spending every moment with our pups. Yet, the prolonged togetherness may have set them up for separation anxiety when left alone after all this time. How can we minimize their anxiety until we come back after many months in the house? These are the do’s and don’ts that every dog-owner should know.

Do – Stick To a Schedule. Our pets rely on predictability. It gives them a sense of security knowing when it’s time to go outside, go to bed, or when to eat. The same goes for when you leave the house. If you suddenly switch back to your typical workday routine, you may throw your pet into a tailspin of anxiety. Take baby steps. Build a routine before you leave the house for long stretches. Consider a walk every morning prior to leaving for work.

Don’t – Make a Big Fuss. Avoid giving your pet excess interaction by comforting them before you leave the home, this will justify their anxiety. In place of the extra attention, give your pet their favorite treat and head out the door. As you return to your household, take your pet outside, and sit down before greeting your furry pal.

Do- Leave the TV or Radio On. White noise comforts our furry friends. Especially in stressful situations, like when they are home alone. Make sure the noise is near their safe space.

Don’t – Leave Them Empty Handed. Providing your dog with healthy food and plenty of fresh water is essential to their well-being and comfort apart from their parents. Another useful tip is providing them with stimulating toys and games such as puzzles and active treats before heading out the door. Plus, this can build up a routine which our pets can identify with as their human friends leave the home.

Do – Determine Which Location Is Best. As we slowly build up our pets’ comfort with separation, every dog parent needs an optimum location for your dog. Try to leave your dog in an area where they feel most comfortable.

Don’t – Leave Them Home For Too Long. How many hours are too many hours? It’s different for each dog. You know your pet best and her limits. Consider a pet sitter if you think her limits are being tested. Likewise, purchasing a dog monitor can calm your nerves as you slowly return to the office. Dog monitor allows us to see exactly what your doggy is up to while you’re apart from the home for long stretches.


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