Thanksgiving Cat Safety Checklist

Hosting Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time with family and friends. Ensure your cat is safe during Thanksgiving dinner with these tips:

  1. Don’t use candles. Candles on the table are a beautiful way to decorate for the occasion. However, candles and cats don’t mix well. This year, forgo having candles and find a pet safe alternative.
  2. Beware of the door. With many guests coming in and out, your cat may be more likely to slip through the front door. Consider keeping your cat in a safe, closed off room, until all guests arrive and return your cat to the room before the evening ends.
  3. Don’t let your cat be a dinner guest. Most Thanksgiving foods are not healthy foods for your cat. During dinner, keep your cat locked in another room to prevent your pet from getting something they shouldn’t have.
  4. Alcohol is a no-no! Never let your cat sip on any type of alcohol. Let all guests know that they should be responsible for their wine glasses and to never leave their glass unattended. It could be disastrous and lead to an unexpected emergency vet visit.


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