Teeth & Toes Two Areas Vital for Pet Health

Pet owners know keeping teeth clean and toes trimmed is important. But they also fear making a mistake and causing even worse problems (i.e. bleeding). That’s why professional grooming and cleaning are more about health than many people know. That said, what should a pet owner be concerned about?


Just like humans, when your pet’s gums begin to recede or their teeth begin to rot, it impacts everything. “The bacteria that cause dental disease also enter your pet’s bloodstream. This can in turn cause heart, kidney or liver disease, and make diabetes regulation more challenging.” (thewholepetvet.com) This is why cleaning your pet’s teeth is about more than bad breath or disturbing visuals…it’s about their full-body health. Common things to watch for:

  • Unusually bad breath
  • Bleeding gums
  • Dangling or missing teeth
  • Pain when eating or playing
  • Loss of interest in chewing
  • Drooling
  • Unexpected change of temperament

Toes (referring to toenails and paws)

Cats and dogs need their paws and nails to be healthy. After all, they comparatively run, jump, play, claw, and pounce far more than any human ever should. This puts pressure on their paws. When their nails are not maintained properly, this causes pain and discomfort that can actually result in serious health issues. One pet insurance company warns, “…a bacterial infection of the nail can occur along with a skin condition. Systemic diseases can also affect the claws and nails.” (bowwowinsurance.com). Here are some best practices for pet owners:

  • Clean your pet’s paws daily
  • Keep their nails trimmed
  • Do not trim into their “quick” and cause bleeding.
  • Schedule professional trimming and exam
  • Look at your pet’s paws for any damage
  • Constant paw-licking can be a sign of trouble

Your pet needs your help to keep their teeth and toes in good shape. Study more about basic care and observations so you can provide them with the best love and care possible.


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