Taking a road trip with your pet Here are 10 Things to Pack

As the days get longer, and weather gets hotter, pet owners everywhere are considering hitting the road with their dog. Traveling with pets can be an extremely rewarding experience. It’s important to keep in mind, embarking on a new adventure with your furry friend requires a fair amount of planning. Successful planning and preparation is the key to having a fun, healthy and worry-free route with your pup.

You already know you’ll need to bring water, waste bags, leash, grooming supplies, and food and treats. Below are 15 things/items that are a little less obvious to bring along to ensure the best and safest possible trip.

1: Medical & Vaccination Records.

2: First Aid Kit.

3: Deerhorn/Dogwood Stick – this will keep your pup occupied throughout the journey.

4: Odor Eliminator – no one, not even your pup, wants a stinky car.

5: Photos of Your Pet – in the off chance you and your pet get separated, it’s important to have those photos ready to go.

6: Supplements For Anxiety – especially if it’s your first trip, your pooch might get a little more nervous than he gets at home.

7: Ice Cube – dogs can take in greater amounts of water in ice cube form, hydration will be very important for you and your pet while being in the car multiple hours a day. Plus, it keeps them cool!

8: Pet Wipes – while you’re making stops at the beach, campsites, or landmarks, a quick wipe will keep your car cleaner

9: Food Puzzle – load them with treats and let your pup use their brain to work out the puzzle. Fifteen minutes of mental stimulation can burn as much energy as a thirty-minute walk.

10: Patience – allow yourself time to make extra stops and longer visits along the way to tire your dog out.


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