Swimming With Your Pets

When the weather starts to get warm, just like us, many pets love to swim and enjoy the cool water.  Here are a few tips and things to consider before you let your pet dive in.  Many people assume that swimming comes naturally to dogs but that is not always the case.  Just having the ability to doggie paddle does not mean your pet can just jump in and swim like a pro.

Dogs have a natural instinct to paddle about but for some dogs, that paddling just is not effective and they can tire and sink.  If you want your pet to try out their paddling skill the first rule is to always be right there with them.  Never let your pet swim alone.  Be there to hold them, guide them and support them so they will not panic and drown.

Do not let them swim right after eating or with a full belly.  Heavy exercise on a full stomach can cause some pet’s stomachs to twist and then you can end up with a real problem and a dash to the nearest veterinarian emergency center.

Don’t throw your pets into the water.  It could cause them to be afraid of it and ruin any chance that they will have fun with you when swimming.

If you have a vinyl sidewall or above-ground pool, you will need to carefully lift your pet into and out of the water.  Pets cannot easily climb ladders and if they dig their nails into the side of your vinyl pool wall, you might end up with a mess.

Teach your pet how to swim for the steps of your pool.  Work from different parts of the pool and guide them over and over to the steps until they “get it” and head there on their own.  If your pet is going to swim a lot, you can purchase ramps made to help your pet safely out of the water.  Some ramps even work with boats and you can find life jackets for your pets in stores or online.  If you take your pet boating or kayaking or canoeing, a life jacket is a must.  If your kayak or canoe capsizes, you need to know your pet is safe so you can focus on getting everybody to safety.

If you are worried about your pet falling (or jumping) into the pool when you’re not there to watch them, there are numerous devices available that can alert you.

After your pet gets out of the water, be sure to brush them and dry them thoroughly so their coat will not get matted.  If your pet does a lot of lake, pond, river, or even ocean water play, be sure to call Aussie Pet Mobile at 1-800-PET-MOBILE so your locally-owned Aussie Pet Mobile grooming service can come to your house and give your pet our wonderful 15 Step SPA Grooming.  Ask about our awesome Hot Aloe SPA Re-Moisturizing Treatment.  It’s the perfect way to pamper your pet after a great swimming adventure.

Have a safe and fun summer with your pets.


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