Staying Active In Cold Weather

During the colder months, many people find themselves reducing activity while increasing their calorie intake (primarily because of holiday fun). This can be true for pets as well. When you reduce your activity level, you often – unintentionally – reduce theirs as well. Also, most pet owners let their pets snack a little extra when everyone else is enjoying treats. Remember: Your pet depends on you for healthy activity and balanced eating.

What can you do to stay active with your pet and have a healthier winter?

  1. INDOOR ACTIVITY Make sure you have great indoor toys that keep your pet active. Toys that encourage sprinting, jumping, or even healthy eating are a great place to start. Winter is a great time to be more active with your pet.  Work on your own routine. If they go running after the ball, take time to stretch while they fetch. If they like to jump on your when you’re on the floor, incorporate some planks while they playfully come after you (the extra concentration will naturally benefit you as well).
  2. HEALTHY SNACKS If your dog loves carrots – for example – consider enjoying a healthy snack at the same time and eating a carrot when they are. We tend to limit our pets to a healthy portion but don’t necessarily do the same for our own health. Dieting together may be a perfect partnership.
  3. GET OUTDOORS Find ways to be outdoors when the weather permits. Many people allow the cold to limit their walks; this is completely normal. However, if you make a commitment to get out when you have breaks in the weather, it will benefit you and your pet. Remember, though, they may want to enjoy the outdoors a little extra since they’ve also been kept inside more. Consider giving them the time.
  4. PLAY IN THE SNOW Animals are often intrigued with the snow (if you live in an area where it’s not the norm). The cold covering snow gives can be fun for all. But remember: Pets can find themselves overexposed as well (especially if your pets are indoor-oriented). Let them explore with you while also making sure the elements don’t put them in any danger.
  5. ENJOY WINTER SNUGGLING You’re not the only one who enjoys winter for snuggling in warm blankets or by the fireplace…so do your furry friends. Love, cuddling, and warmth are essential for nurture and security.

The winter months are a natural time to slow down and enjoy extra time together. Find ways to be active together and enjoy the winter season as a team.


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