Spring is Finally Here! – It’s Grooming Time for Your Dogs & Cats

The long, cold winter is finally just about over and spring is finally right around the corner.  While winter may try to hold its grip on us a little longer, that grasp is tenuous at best.  This means that it’s time to start thinking about your cats and dogs that have been cooped up with you for the long winter.

Spring is a great time to have your pet groomed with Aussie Pet Mobile.  Our wonderful 15 Step SPA grooming service will get your pet ready for the season ahead.  We’ll have your dog or cat happy and healthy looking with no stress for you or your beloved pets.

We’ll trim their nails, clean out their ears and eyes, brush them, shampoo and condition them and pamper them exactly like you would if you had the time or energy.  And of course, Aussie Pet Mobile features personal, one on one service for each of your pets.  No cages, drying kennel ovens, or overcrowded holding pens EVER!!!  Everything is done by hand, right in our amazing mobile grooming salon, right at your house, right in your driveway and right for your pet.

Don’t forget that cats need grooming too, just like dogs.  After a long winter, your cats coat can be thick and impacted or even matted and knotted.  Cats work hard to keep up with their coats but sometimes, they need a little help and Aussie Pet Mobile specializes in treating your cat like the King or Queen they think they are.

Nearly all pets shed to some degree.  Some only shed a little (like Doodles) and some shed a lot like labs, shepherds and virtually every single cat.  They can all benefit from our awesome de-shedding treatment which helps drastically cut down the shedding in your home.  Call Aussie Pet Mobile today at -1800-PET-MOBILE (1-800-738-6624) and set up your pet’s SPA treatment.  Ask your Aussie Pet Mobile professional about all of the wonderful services we bring to you and your pet in your own driveway.  For new customers, please be sure to check out our new ONLINE BOOKING feature on our website.  Just click the link in this email to be connected.


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