Spare the Clippers – Save Your Dog’s Coat! - Sept 2020

After spending the summer and now the fall sheltering at home with their pets, many of our customers are looking to “summer cut”, “shave” or otherwise ask our groomers to clip their pets very short.  Acting in what they think is the best interest of their pet, many owners don’t realize that for many breeds, a haircut should often be the “road less traveled”.

If you remove the insulation from your home, your house will be too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.  For a dog, their coat performs much the same function.  If you remove it, you take away the system nature created to protect your pet from extreme weather.

Many of our most beautiful dog breeds like German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Huskies, Bernese Mountain Dogs and Australian Shepherds (to name just a few) have absolutely gorgeous, thick coats made up of double layers of fur that basically grows to a certain length and doesn’t get much longer.  When those coats of fur are cut, there can be permanent damage to the coat and it may never grow back the same way again.  Your breeder or your Veterinarian will be able to confirm this for you.

Cutting a coat short on a double coated dog does not stop the shedding or even slow it down.  It doesn’t keep your pet more comfortable or cooler.  In fact, it can exacerbate shedding and expose your dog to overheating.

The one exception to this advice is when your dog is severely matted, knotted or when their entire coat is pelted and basically like “body-armor” that seems almost stuck to their skin.  In those cases, your pet must be shaved to remove the mats.  Don’t forget that pets can get sunburned so make sure to use a good, quality, pet-safe, sunscreen if your pet has to be shaved.

The best solution for dealing with a double coated dog is to ask your Aussie Pet Mobile Pet Consultant about our amazing de-shedding treatment.  Aussie Pet Mobile has been performing our de-shedding treatment on dogs and cats for over two decades and it is an awesome service that, when done regularly, can reduce shedding between 65% and 90%.  The process is cumulative and works better and better the more often it is performed.  Treat your four-legged friend to an Aussie Pet Mobile SPA day with our famous de-shedding treatment and you’ll have a cooler, happier pet and less hair to float around your house.

Don’t forget that our Aussie Pet Mobile professional groomers can perform all types of haircuts on your pets that need clips.  Call 1-800-PET-MOBILE today and speak to your Aussie Pet Mobile Pet Consultant to set up your pet’s next SPA day.


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