Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Scratch

The weather is starting to change for the new season. With the changing weather many people keep their pets inside more.  More time around your pet means that you’ll be more aware of their movements and habits.  You may notice their smell more and be more conscious of things like shedding, licking and itching!  Aussie Pet Mobile can certainly make a big difference in combatting pet shedding.  We have a great de-shedding treatment.  Licking can be a response to dry or itchy skin or it may be a part of your pet’s comfort zone.  Just like a human baby may suck it’s thumb or favor a pacifier, a pet may lick because it can produce endorphins that are soothing.

However, waking up in the middle of the night to your dog or cat scratching like crazy is not something you want to live with nightly.  Pets scratch when their skin is irritated, when they simply itch, due to fleas or other parasites, due to dry skin or maybe even from allergic reactions.  When scratching becomes chronic, you can pretty much assume that your pet is just not comfortable or happy.  But, don’t get discouraged because there are things you can do and Aussie Pet Mobile is here to help.

First, carefully examine your pet to determine if there is evidence of fleas or other pests.  If you find fleas, call your local Aussie Pet Mobile service and they can set up an appointment for a soothing flea bath and help you plan your strategy (which will likely include your vet) to rid your pet and your home of those unwanted squatters.  If fleas or pests are not the problem, it might be dry skin.  Speak with your vet or breeder about their recommendation for food which may help this situation.  You can also call Aussie Pet Mobile and ask about our all natural oatmeal shampoos or our wonderful Hot Aloe SPA Remoisturizing Treatment.  If your vet recommends a medicated shampoo, we can work with you on that too.  If scratching persists, schedule a trip to your vet and see if there may be other root causes.  We can work with you and follow your vet’s recommendations.  At Aussie Pet Mobile, our HydrobathTM system helps insure that your pet is bathed with the proper amount of shampoo mixed with fresh water.  This keeps your pet from being bathed with too much shampoo which can lead to drying out skin.  Our cage free drying by hand also allows your pets groomer to carefully examine your pet’s skin from nose to tail so they can alert you to anything that might be troublesome.

Don’t let your pet scratch when it is not necessary.  Call Aussie Pet Mobile today and set up your appointment for our wonderful 15 Step SPA Grooming Treatment.  Call 1-800-PET-MOBILE Today!


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