With cold weather upon us, your dogs are more likely to be indoors. With being inside, your dogs may become anxious and start barking. Here are some simple tips from Aussie Pet Mobile on how to help prevent unwarranted barking:

  • Keep them active. Go for a walk or play around the house to help tire out your pup. A tired dog is likely to be less anxious about noises or commotion and less likely to bark.
  • Provide some entertainment while you are gone. Find a fun, safe toy that is likely to keep them busy for a while.
  • Block their view and sound. If your dog gets anxious from seeing people or other pets outside while you are gone, block their view with shades or curtains or put them in a room where they are not able to see outside. Use the television, radio, or a white-noise machine to help block out sounds from outside.
  • Use positive reinforcement to train your dog from barking. When your dog shows the ability to control their barking, give them treats or attention to acknowledge their good behavior.
  • Give your dog patience. No dog will be able to stop barking overnight. Give your dog lots of patience and encourage the behavior over time.


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