Predators & Pets

Many pet owners are surprised to find out natural predators roam the streets of cities, towns, and suburbs. These can include coyotes, owls, eagles, rodents, and more. Depending on your pet’s instincts, size, and personality, they may be both predator and prey. If your pet is also a predator, they can be hurt attacking a wild animal. If your pet is the prey, they could be injured or killed. Here are some tips for predator-proofing your property.

Have A Good Fence

Good fences make good neighbors, and good fences protect your family. Regularly check your fence for signs of animals digging under or hopping over. This will alert you to activity that often takes place at night. Shore up your fence to minimize intrusion.

Install Motion Sensored Lights

Flood lights that detect and react to movement can be a huge deterrent to ward off predators, rodents, people, etc. They are recommended to frighten everything from foxes to bats. Owls are less likely to attack where lights come on, and bobcats are also averse to this technology.

Keep It Clean

Campers know that all food waste attracts wild animals. However, as homeowners, we often throw food in containers that are less secure. The smells will attract virtually every wild and domesticated animal in your neighborhood. A little time spent cleaning up anything with an attractive smell will benefit your pet(s).

Enjoy the Outdoors with Your Pet

Pet owners will often let their animals out and not pay attention to them. If your pet is small or has a sheepish personality, this could put them in danger if you live in a place with natural predators. Consider the health benefits for you and your furry friend if you take time together outdoors. Just being with them is a deterrent for most predators in common neighborhoods.

Educate Yourself on Your Area

Even if you don’t live in the Colorado Rockies or the Alaskan Wilderness, your area has predators you probably don’t know about. Take time to educate yourself on the area you live. Simply doing a web search of, “Animal predators in my area” will result in significant information.

Pets and people should be safe when they’re home. When you protect your pets, you also protect your property and all the people you love.


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