Playing with your pets on the 4th can enhance this patriotic day of festivities for both you and your furry friends. Focus on games, toys, and training to keep your pets happy and calm.


Keeping your pets active during the day can help them stay calm when the fireworks start in the evening. Set aside time to interact with your pets through their favorite games. The Hounds Lounge has compiled a great list of creative games, including both DIY options and purchasable items. Most pet owners know what entertains their pets best, so choose activities they enjoy!


New toys can be very exciting for pets, much like Christmas morning for children. Investing in new outdoor toys for the 4th is a great idea to get them excited for the holiday. A useful tip: Have designated outdoor toys that your pet only has access to when they are outside. This keeps the toys novel and exciting.


Pets enjoy being trained, as it engages their mind and body in a different way than regular play. Activities such as sitting, staying, fetching, and speaking are instinctual and also great for bonding. Training in the presence of other people can be challenging but beneficial for your pet's development. Showcasing your pet’s training skills in a crowd helps them grow and adapt to different environments.

By playing with your pets during the day, you can help them handle the stress of fireworks at night more effectively. Plus, it’s fun for everyone involved!



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