Pet or Companion

Aussie Pet Mobile clients may be the most caring animal companions in the world. After all, our clients go the extra mile to ensure the very best hygiene and care available through our premium mobile services.

However, a shift has been noticed in recent years away from calling your cat or dog a “pet” and referring to them as “an animal companion” or “companion animal.”  Some of us hear this and think, “Is using the word ‘pet’ really a problem?” The short answer is, “No. Feel free to use the word pet.” That said, it can be valuable to understand why there has been a shift in language.

While various groups take an extreme position on this topic, networking groups of veterinarians have also adopted the language alongside the continued use of the word ‘pet’. Here is the reason: The language you use affects the way you think. Our goal at Aussie Pet Mobile is to always think healthily about our animals regardless of the language being used.

The word “pet” has traditionally been used to describe an animal you own for personal purposes. In recent years, pet owners have taken a different approach and viewed these incredible creatures more as formal members of the family.  They also consider themselves privileged to have animals as part of everyday life, love, and companionship. This doesn’t mean that using the word ‘pet’ automatically means you don’t feel or think the same way.

This shift is accompanying valuable changes in the humane care of animals:

  • Animals aren’t owned, they are fully adopted into families.
  • Pet families are focusing more on companionship than ever before
  • Care for animals and care of animals is improving across the board
  • Humane treatment of animals is increasing

As a premium pet-care company, we affirm all of these changes without shaming the use of the word pet, pet-owner, animal companion, etc., etc. What’s more important than the words we use is the way we think about the incredible nature and value of these amazing animals. Whether you’re a “pet person” or “an animal companion person” Aussie Pet Mobile thanks you for loving our furry friends as an integral part of family life.


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