Pet Care Hacks

In-Home Solutions for Your Furry Friends

The term “hacks” has become a reference point for valuable shortcuts, cost-saving measures, or simple approaches to complex situations. With this in mind, here are some simple “Pet-Care Hacks” for you and your pets.

  1. Food selection is an important decision for every pet owner. You want them to eat healthy and stay strong. But every pet owner knows the frustration of spending a ton of money on a new food only to discover it doesn’t work for your pet. One of the best hacks for this is to take advantage of the “free samples” available to you. Stores like Mud Bay will give you free samples so you can try them before you buy. These samples allow you to observe not only the taste preferences of your pet but to see the impact on their energy and health.
  2. One financial hack you might consider is purchasing food in larger quantities.  Once you tried the samples and have figured out your preference, do some comparisons for savings. Some of the larger quantities can save you up to 30%. More importantly, it can save you the constant hassle of reordering and purchasing every few weeks. One note here: You want your food to be fresh. Ordering too much can lead to stale pet food or storage issues. PetMed has some great recommendations for the shelf-life of both dry and wet food.
  3. Often we would like to have a climbing toy for our cats or a special toy for our dogs. Just like pet food, we’re often afraid to purchase something only to have our pet have no interest. Neighborhood online swap sites like Buy Nothing can expose you to some amazing pet supplies and toys previously loved by people living right around the corner. Most will be in great condition and only need to be sanitized before use in your home.
  4. One challenge every pet owner faces is what to do when you go on vacation and can’t take your pet with you. Paid boarding can be expensive and even stressful for some pet lovers. Consider inviting a trusted friend to watch your furry friend, or even better, house-sit while you’re away. Many people who don’t own pets love them, but their lives aren’t compatible on a long-term basis. The opportunity to be a short-term pet owner can be very attractive to them.  If your pet and place are enjoyable, it can be a “getaway” for some of your friends and they’ll end up thanking you for the opportunity.
  5. Toys are a key component of happy health and life for your people and pets. One thing we often forget: animals don’t know or care if you made their toys or if you bought them. For example, something as simple as a tied-up sock or rope can cost you $5 – $15 online from specialty pet vendors. However, repurposing your old sock or rope is a great solution for those moments when your pet’s last toy has seen its last play session and you want something to enjoy.

These pet-care hacks are simple ways to creatively approach the very best care for your pet while maintaining important quality care from professionals. Love your pets and they will love you right back!


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