Paw Pad Treatments for Winter Weather

Winter weather can be hard on paws. If they dry out, they can crack, split, and hurt. Just as human skin gets dry from our heaters running, pets can experience a similar situation. Add to this the exposure to snow, ice, rain, and cold ground, and our pets can experience significant discomfort.

A paw-pad treatment is important for the comfort and health of your pets.

Paw Pad Examinations
When Aussie Pet Mobile Groomers wash, clean, and trim your pet, they also clean up and trim around the paw pads. These regular inspections can help prevent unseen problems that can lead to serious conditions. They can only go undetected if they are “un-inspected.”

Paw Pad Treatments
Keeping paws healthy is one value of quality pet grooming. However, it may also be time for some extra attention through a “paw-pad” treatment. For extreme weather, many pet parents attempt to protect their pets with paw-wear (footwear for pets). However, several pets won’t wear protective booties.

  • Pain Relief: A paw-pad treatment can provide immediate relief for your pet, especially if they have dry, cracked, or irritated paw pads.
  • Prevent Infections: Well-treated paw pads are less likely to develop cracks or small wounds that can lead to bacteria or infections.
  • Long-Term Health: Quality treatments contribute to the overall health of your pet. Healthy paws provide better stability for your pets when they play or take walks.
  • Protection from the Elements: Treatments also provide a protective barrier from the elements (i.e. snow, ice, etc.). Rock salt, pebbles, ice – these can be painful for your pets’ paddies. Treatments can help protect from the elements.

We winterize so many things in our lives. In some ways, paw-pad treatments are a way to winterize your furry friend during the winter months. While paws are a concern during the winter season, they should be attended to throughout the year. Aussie Pet Mobile can help!


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