A Holiday Idea for Your Animal Companions

One Treat, One Toy A Holiday Idea for Your Animal Companions

Homemade, high-quality pet food is a growing trend. The holiday season may be the perfect time to plan one special meal for your pet and combine it with one holiday gift. Believe it or not, our pets enjoy receiving gifts and can really engage the gift-receiving end of things.

Small Door Veterinary notes:

“Assuming your pet is healthy and has no chronic conditions or allergies, there are many safe and healthy ingredients you can choose from, including chicken breast, ground chicken or turkey, ground lean beef, salmon, tuna, sweet potato, bell pepper, squashes, pumpkin, zucchini, spinach, beans and cooked barley or oats, quinoa, pasta and rice. Ensure you remove all bones from meat and fish, and remove big seeds and rind from vegetables (such as pumpkin), as they may pose a choking hazard.”

Remember that pets don’t need all of the seasonings (and some can be bad for them). Boiled, shredded meat can be a fantastic treat for your pet. In addition, having a special gift for your furry friend is a wonderful moment for most families. Some pets love getting a “treat” from their own personal stocking. Others enjoy a new chew or play toy. Too often we think “too big” when simple moments with our animals help them feel loved and included.


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