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The three pictures above illustrate what can happen to your pet when it gets severely matted.  Many of today’s most popular breeds can quickly and easily develop severe matting that can be a breeding ground for sores, hide fleas or ticks, promote disease and leave stinky, rotten skin.  Severe mats are dangerous for your pet.  There is no easy way to approach this topic.  Mats don’t happen by magic.  They happen when your pet is not brushed and combed on a regular basis and most importantly, they happen when your pet is not groomed often enough.  Daily brushing or combing will let you catch mats and break them up before they join together to form a suit of body armor around your pet.  It doesn’t just happen to dogs either, it happens to cats all the time.

Matted Cat Treatment

Most people think their cats are self-sustaining but that is simply not the case.  Younger cats and cats that are more flexible can usually maintain their coats nicely.  But as cats age and gain weight they lose the ability to reach the remote spots on their bodies and mats can quickly form and take over.  When your pet gets badly matted, there simply is no option other than to get under the mats and clip your pet short.  This is not your Groomer being mean or lazy.  It is the only thing that is safe and healthy for your pet.  And trust me, Groomer’s hate having to shave a pet.  Don’t shoot the messenger; your Groomer is trying to do the best thing for your pet.

Mats form close to the skin and quickly can take on the texture of a rug.  If you can’t take a comb through your pet’s coat, you may be looking at severe matting.  Call 1-800-PET-MOBILE and your Aussie Pet Mobile professional pet groomer will come right to your house and carefully and safely remove the matted coat so your pet can regrow the beautiful coat you know and love.  If you suspect your pet is starting to develop mats, don’t wait; call your local Aussie Pet Mobile today.


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