Off-Leash Parks

Off-leash playtime can be very beneficial for both you and your pet. Many areas provide off-leash parks for you and your dog (pet) to get outdoors and enjoy. So what’s the difference between off-leash areas and what we traditionally call “dog parks”? Most dog parks are surrounded by a fenced-in area and can be viewed entirely at one time from one spot. In other words, they aren’t very large. Off-leash areas where you can enjoy acres of off-leash freedom are the key.

What should you expect in an off-leash park?

  • First, you should know many “off-leash” parks are actually “off-leash areas” within a bigger park. If this is the case, be aware there may not be a specific containment fence. If your dog tends to run away or doesn’t obey your vocal commands, this can be a real problem. It also offers you a chance for training.
  • Second, not everyone who takes their dog into an off-leash area has trained their companion. While most dogs/pets play nicely with each other – especially with leashes off – you want to be cautious. Scan the area as you walk, run, and play. If you detect an untrained dog coming near, it may be time to put the leash on until you’re sure.
  • Third, “off-leash” doesn’t mean clean-up isn’t required. Good pet owners always clean up after their pet poops. Make sure you have your bags with you. This is important because poop bags are often attached to the leash. If you don’t have your leash, you may not have your bags. And that leads to the next important point…
  • Fourth, KEEP YOUR LEASH WITH YOU in any off-leash area. The permission to let your friend run leash-free isn’t an invitation to ignore safety concerns that may arise (safety of your pet, other pets, and other people).
  • Finally, most off-leash pet areas remind you to bring water for you and your pet. These areas tend to be much larger than traditional dog parks. Your pet will love the ability to run rigorously and play actively. In turn, they’ll need water and even snacks. Keep this in mind when you plan your outing.

Have fun in these special areas. These are fairly unique and uncommon in our day and age of urbanization. However, if you have access to these special areas, take advantage of them knowing they are wonderful and rare.


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