Keeping Your Pet Busy Indoors

Your pet may be spending more time indoors right now than they ever have. If you are able, be sure to continue walking your dog often. Keeping your pet busy is important to keeping them happy! Here are some tips on how to keep your pet busy indoors:

  1. Get some new toys. New toys will excite your pet and give them something new to do!
  2. Play hide and seek or let your pet chase you around the house. Your pet needs exercise and may not be getting enough. Playing games with your pet can help them get some extra exercise in.
  3. Get new treat toys for your pet. Using intricate treat toys or puzzle toys can engage and excite your pet in new ways.
  4. Give extra snuggles. Your pets can sense when you are stressed. Extra snuggles will help ease some anxiety for you and your pet.
  5. Learn new tricks. Now is a great time to focus on tricks or even some training that you have been putting off.

Remember to be extra gracious to your pet during this time. Less walks and heightened anxiety may make your pet act out or revert in some of their training. It’s a learning curve for us all, including our pets.


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