Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

Indoor cats need special attention to ensure they are happy and healthy. Cats can show stress through vomiting, not eating, sleeping too much, not using the litter box, or seeming extra lethargic. Set your cat up for success with these simple tips:

  1. Both the litter box and feeding bowls should be in low traffic areas that are low on noise. Be sure to have at least one litter box per cat.
  2. Play with your cat at the same time every day, and additional times if possible. This helps show your cat consistency.
  3. Use a cat tree, cat shelves or window perch to help give your cat a better view. Cats love to be up high and see as much as they can.
  4. Use a box to create a hideaway for your cat. Choose a dark, quiet spot in the house and include blankets for comfort.
  5. Make your cat feels in control. A cat that feels like it has no control can become very stressed in their environment.


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