We are quickly approaching the time of year when fleas begin to become a major nuisance for your pets and your family.  Here are some tips for what to look for in order to see if your pet might have brought home unwanted guests.

  • Watch for excessive scratching.
  • Check out their skin for tiny bumps.
  • Spread the coat around the base of the tail or tummy and look for adults or flea “poop.”
  • Put your dog on a white towel and brush or comb them to see if fleas drop off.

Thankfully, fleas do not fly, but they do jump and their body is designed to easily hitch a ride on your unsuspecting pet.  Once your pet brings fleas into your house, you must act or the problem will quickly get out of hand. Fleas are very prolific.  The adult female typically lays some 40 eggs per day. She can lay them while riding around the house on your pet and the eggs will drop all over your home.  Adult fleas can hatch in as little as 5 to 10 days depending on environment and the new adult fleas will start laying eggs almost immediately. Eggs can lay dormant also waiting for the right conditions.  You could have your pet treated and kill all the fleas on your pet only to be inundated again 3 weeks later.

Don’t PANIC!  Aussie Pet Mobile is here to help.  We’ve been dealing with fleas for nearly 2 decades and our professional groomers know exactly what to do.  Aussie Pet Mobile never uses chemicals or dangerous dips on your pets. We use only all natural, environmentally friendly materials.  Call 1-800-PET-MOBILE and your locally owned Aussie Pet Mobile grooming service will come right to your home and help you deal with your pet’s flea issue.  No need to load your flea infested pet into your nice car for a trip to the groom shop. Let Aussie help you eliminate the adult fleas on your pet along with our full service 15 Step SPA Grooming package.  Ask your local Aussie Pet Mobile operator about our flea related services. Once your fleas have been dealt with, our amazing ALOE SPA Remoisturizing Treatment will have your pet forgetting they ever had fleas.

Just remember that dealing with fleas is a multistep process.  First, kill or eliminate the adult fleas on your pet. Then, get your pet to your vet for a proper check and to determine the best strategy to keep your pet free of fleas.  Finally, before you take your pet back home, have your house properly treated to kill adult fleas and the eggs or you’ll be facing the same infestation in just a few weeks and have to do it all over again.


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