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Grooming aging pets requires a different touch than when they were puppies. Young pets can be nervous because of the unfamiliar process. Like children, they may not be sure about the water, soap, sounds, etc. However, a new set of challenges may present when they are older. These include aches, pains, and discomfort from the natural aging process. 

Here are some tips for grooming your older pets. 

If your pet doesn’t feel stable because of a slippery surface under their feet, they won’t settle down or keep calm. We make sure the surface they are standing on – for both their washing and grooming –  allows them to feel secure. Just like humans need help not slipping when we’re older, pets face some of the same challenges. Our professional grooming vans take this into account to prevent agitation from insecurity.

Make sure you know your pet’s sensitive areas. They may have pain related to arthritis, an injury from when they were younger, or even discomfort related to natural aging. Gently take time to identify these tender spots and inform our groomers of any issues before the groom starts. A gentle massage can often help them feel better before or after being washed and groomed. Our experienced groomers know how to gently assess any sensitive areas and keep your pet from unwelcomed pain (or discomfort).

Another factor is the amount of time you take grooming your pet. Professional groomers know that being quick (while not cutting corners) is important for grooming any pet. However, older pets will expect you to be efficient and allow them to resume their regular routine (usually a routine of resting and relaxing).

The last tip has to do with confidence. If you’re nervous, your pet will be nervous. Professional pet handlers amaze us because of this confidence factor. Animals can sense our lack of confidence and this will make them nervous. One advantage of investing in a professional groomer is this confidence factor. Your pet will feel the difference and respond in kind. If the groomer is calm and confident, the pet being groomed will as well.


Grooming your pet is a necessary part of their lives, even when they are older and spend less time rolling around in the yard. Keeping your pet healthy with professional grooming is one of the best ways to show how much you love and care for them. With the convenience of at-home mobile grooming, your cuddly companion will experience minimal discomfort through the entire process. No long drives across town. No nerves from being in the car or kennel – only a great on-site experience resulting in a great look without the stress.


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