How To Keep Your Dog Warm During The Colder Months Oct 2021

No matter the breed, size, or character of the dog, every pup gets cold. It can be a change as the days get shorter and temperature drops for your dog to transition from their summer routine. Whether you’re on a walk or staying inside, here are some things to keep in mind to ensure your dog’s safety for the upcoming months.

Keep Their Paws Clean

During your walks, all of the ice that builds up can be harmful to their paws. It’s important to note, when snow hits the ground, de-icer, and salt can build up in your dog’s paws. If your four-legged family member licks his paws, he could ingest harmful poisons. Each time you come in from the cold walk, wipe down your dog’s paws as soon as you return home. And check for ice buildup. Also, be sure to regularly get your dog groomed with us at Aussie Pet Mobile to keep your dog’s nails trimmed and healthy.

Don’t Leave Your Dog Outside For Too Long

During the colder months, dogs shouldn’t stay outside for long periods of time, especially without supervision. On cold days, limit outside trips and exercise. Also, shorten the walk. Much like on hot days, never leave a pet alone in a car on bitter days.

Create Warming Areas Inside

A blanket or dog bed works just fine. Be aware of the heating areas in your home and adjust their crate or bed accordingly. If you have a rather older, worn-down dog bed, think of purchasing a newer, more fluffy bed.

Stop Bathing Your Dog Outside

Bathing your dog outside in the colder months can be very dangerous. They can get too cold in a matter of minutes. If your dog needs a bath before their next grooming appointment, make sure the bath takes place indoors. Once you finish their bath inside, make sure they’re completely dry before they go back outside.

Give Them Extra Food

For pets who spend long periods outside in the colder months, require more calories in the winter. Don’t be afraid to give them a little extra food before you go for a walk around the neighborhood, trip to the mountains, or even just playing around the yard. Speak to your vet regarding extra food options to know what works best for your pet.


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