How To Keep Your Cat Cool This Summer

Keeping your cat cool in the summer heat is vital for a happy, healthy cat. Here are some tips on how to keep your kittens cool:

  1. Ice packs or bottles – Frozen ice packs or frozen water bottles wrapped in a thin towel can be placed in your cat’s bed, or wherever your cat spends a lot of time. You can train your cat to lay on the ice packs or bottles to keep themselves cool.
  2. Cold water – keep your cat’s water bowl cool this summer by occasionally adding ice cubes to their fresh water so that it stays cooler longer, especially if you are gone during the day.
  3. Fans – keep fans at a height that your cat can reap the benefits. If the fan is safely in place, keep it on while you are gone so that your cat can enjoy a cool home all day.
  4. Outdoor shade – if your cat enjoys being outdoors during the day, ensure there is proper shade outside. Drape some cloth or set a couple cardboard boxes in your yard to ensure your cat has some shade to rest in.
  5. Grooming – long-haired cats can get very warm and uncomfortable as the temperature rises in the summer. Take your cat to our experienced Aussie Pet Mobile groomers for clipping and spa treatment. In between grooms, be sure to brush your cat often to prevent matting and shedding.


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