How to Encourage a Healthy Bond Between Kids and Pets

Encouraging your kids and pets to bond can help create a great family dynamic! Here’s some tips on how to foster a healthy relationship between your children and your pets:

  1. Let your kids help feed your pet. This could mean giving your dog the occasional treat for good behavior or having your child fill their food and water bowls daily.
  2. Go on walks. Allow your child to take your pet on walks. If your child is too young to go on walks alone, go with them but encourage your child to take the lead.
  3. Snuggle up. Teach your child how to cuddle with your pet in the way your pet enjoys. Your pet may love full body hugs or just a pat on the belly. Be sure that your child knows how to show affection towards your pet in the way that your pet likes.
  4. Play time. Encourage play time between your child and your pet. This could be a game of fetch or running around the back yard. The more giggles, the better!


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