How To Be A Good Dog

  • Always hide your human’s shoes. They love to run around trying to find them.
  • Sleep in the middle of their bed, not the end of the bed or on the floor. Your human loves when you breath on their face in the middle of the night, so get cozy!
  • Act as though you haven’t seen your human in years every time they walk through the door, even if you just saw them 10 minutes ago. It makes them feel so special.
  • Bark loudly at the mailman. They are an immediate threat to your family.
  • If you see your human acting sad in any way, lick their face and lay your head on their lap. This is proven to make them feel much better.
  • Be gentle with your tiny humans. They may be new to you, but they will soon become your best friend!
  • Get excited for your spa day, you will look and smell amazing afterwards!
  • Be the best friend your human has ever had!


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