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Backyard BBQs can be a blast for everyone, including your pets, with a bit of planning. These tips will help ensure a safe and enjoyable time for all your guests, furry ones included.


Long gone are the days of tossing leftovers to your dog. Remember, "people-food" differs significantly from the lean kibble most pets eat. However, some grilling favorites are pet-friendly, such as salmon, chicken, sweet potatoes, carrots, and lean cuts of beef. If you plan to share, avoid extra seasonings and trim off any fat. Never give your pet bones, as they can splinter and cause serious health issues. Feed your pet before the party begins and offer only small, safe tastes to avoid disrupting their regular diet. It’s also best if “treats” are only offered by you. This allows you to track what they’re eating and how much. 


Pets tend to roam in search of food, affection, and attention. Large crowds and unfamiliar people can cause anxiety, and not all pets are comfortable around children. To create a pet-friendly backyard:

  • Set up open spaces for pets to roam.
  • Provide shaded areas to escape the heat.
  • Keep a water bowl with ice cubes to stay cool.
  • Have a feeding bowl with their regular food available.
  • Offer breaks away from the crowd if needed.
  • Be sure the yard is enclosed so pets don’t get loose. 


A kiddie pool can be a hit not only for kids but also for pets who enjoy getting wet and cooling off. Sprinklers, pools, fetching toys, and frisbees can provide entertainment for both pets and children (if the pet is kid-friendly). A little extra thought about including your pets can add new fun for everyone.

Enjoy your summer BBQs and let your pets join in if they can. These amazing animals bring joy to our lives and add fun to our parties.



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