Halloween & Hounds What Dog Owners Should Know

We know about canine anxiety when the 4th of July comes around. But Halloween creates a completely different level of challenges for our dogs. Here are some tips to make the holiday special for everyone

  1. Knocks & Bells
    If your dog goes crazy when there’s a knock at the door or the doorbell sounds, Halloween will be a tough night for everyone. Consider taking the door out of the equation. You may set up your station in your garage (if you’re trying to stay dry or warm) and allow trick-or-treaters to meet you there. Another idea is to set your candy outside and use the honor system. You may be surprised that a sign saying, “Take two candies each,” will be honored by most. Another solution is to find a room away from the door where your canine companion can enjoy a quiet holiday without all the fuss.
  2. Unfamiliar Faces
    Dogs are known for their amazing senses. Sight is one of those senses. Before Halloween night – when ghosts, ghouls, and characters roam your neighborhood – let your dog see some masks and make-up. Some will react with alarm while others won’t react at all. This will help you plan your evening better.
  3. Strangers In the Neighborhood
    Dogs aren’t impacted just by costumes and masks, they are also affected by the increased traffic and unusual activity in most neighborhoods. Some dog owners notice this when school buses begin their fall routes and the dogs are alarmed. It’s unusual and here’s the truth: Dogs notice unusual people, movements, activity, and vehicles. Halloween brings all four into their territory all on the same night. If your furry friend goes into “guard-dog mode” – you might make sure they have a safe room to stay in.
  4. Treats & Eats
    “Don’t give your dog people food,” is one of the most common statements pet owners hear. This is because our highly processed foods contain harmful chemicals and additives. Candy presents virtually every legitimate cause for concern (from choking to chocolate poisoning). Make sure you protect your pet from accessible sweets.

Halloween is a fun evening for most people. You know your dog better than anyone. Make sure they have an enjoyable evening as well. Take them for a walk, feed them well, and allow them to rest. There’s no need to add shrilling barking to the evening of happy haunts!


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