Good Fences, Safer Pets

Fall and winter often bring storms, darker days, and adjusted schedules. Because storms can damage your fence during the darker hours of the day, pet owners won’t necessarily realize a fence has been damaged or even blown down. This means you could unknowingly let your pet out, get loose, and lead to a lost pet.

So here are some practical tips for keeping good fences for safer pets.

    Remember that your fence is designed to control access. You don’t want some animals getting in while you also want to make sure your pet doesn’t get out. While cats are going to go wherever they want, dogs are going to explore every section of your fence. Many neighborhoods have foxes, coyotes, or wild animals that can hurt your animal companions. Keeping your fence in tact keeps danger out while keeping your pet in.
    Mark your calendar for the beginning of every new season in your area. Four times a year, walk your entire fence line and look for any damage, gaps, breaks, etc. This will accomplish a couple of things: First, you won’t have expensive repairs sneak up on you all at once, and second, you’ll sleep better knowing the condition of your property. Most regions have specific weather conditions related to each season (wet, windy, dry, cold, etc.). Each of these weather conditions takes a different kind of toll on your fence.
    It sounds simple, but this needs to be intentional. After every storm – rain, wind, snow, or drought – conduct a follow-up inspection of your fence and property. Look for signs of damage to your fence, but also look for any animals that may have been hurt during the storm. Cats and dogs will do a thorough inspection looking for dead animals. These can lead to disease if you’re not careful. Urgent Vet lists several dangers that can come up including secondary poisoning, infections, parasites, and even dangerous toxins.
    This should be a mantra for all property owners. Keep a few boards on hand so you can quickly patch any gaps and then pursue a complete repair quickly. The main thing is to secure your pet and your property immediately giving you time to investigate and plan for a complete repair. Emergency replacements are expensive.

These four basic points can help maintain good fences and safer pets. And remember the old saying, “Good fences make good neighbors.


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