Getting Fit 7 Exercises Your Cat Will Enjoy March 2022

  1. Cat tower: The multi-tiered “cat towers” is a great-fun way to ensure that your cat will have plenty of places to play and areas to climb for a good cat workout.
  2. Frequently introduce new toys: You can watch them while they play to find out what kinds of objects they like best.
  3. Have fun with lasers: Few things will entertain you more, or have your cat moving faster than a laser pointer on the end of a pen or leveling tool.
  4. Go Outside: Make sure the harness fits properly and can’t be wriggled out of. Young cats are easier to train, but in all cases, it takes patience and perseverance.
  5. Agility course: If your cat is extremely energetic and agile, try some cat agility exercises. Items to consider are bars to jump over or tunnels to pass through, which push your cat both physically and mentally. While not all cats will enjoy this activity, those that do can burn a significant number of calories.
  6. Use toys to recreate their hunting behavior: It may be hard to imagine your couch-potato-kitten hunting small prey. Most cats keep some hunting instinct. Techniques for stimulating their hunting behavior include hiding their toys, purchasing small animal-looking toys, and electronic toys that automatically move.
  7. Puzzle Toys: Complex toys that provide positive reinforcement can be a real hit. In particular, food-puzzle-toys are the best way to keep your cat engaged in her exercise.


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