Fresh for the Fall Getting Cute & Clean for the Holiday Season

As we enter the fall season, our pets have new adventures to experience. From piles of leaves to new little critters in our neighborhoods, there’s a lot for our furry friends to explore. This can lead to interesting smells in their coats along with tangled or matted fur. Keeping your pet’s grooming routine is very important – and not just for the “cute” factor.

Dogs like to smell like dogs. Cats like to hunt and explore like cats. When temperatures get cooler, rodents can start seeking shelter in our homes, sheds, and storage areas. When your cat or dog suddenly has an unusual stench, it’s important to explore where that smell came from.

One dog owner recently noticed a strong smell on their small dog. Upon examination, the smell was emitting from their ears. You may remember from previous articles, that dogs will rub their ears on something that smells interesting to them. Having the smell on their ears keeps it close to their nose. The problem is that humans don’t always enjoy the same smells dogs do.

Common causes of bad smells include dead rodents (who may have ingested poison), rotting food, decaying plants often found under leaves, and carcasses left in places your pet can access (i.e. by buzzards, owls, and yes – neighbors not being careful with turkey leftovers!).

Cute AND Clean

This is where regular grooming and pet care can help. If you keep their grooming routine, you will notice immediately when something isn’t right. Making sure you brush and care for them between professional grooming is an additional way to increase your own awareness. Enjoying the holidays is more complete when we make sure our pets are cared for as well. As a premium pet owner, you are keeping them safe, clean, and yes – cute! Call us at 1-800-PET-MOBILE or visit to get started!


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