Dining Out With Your Dog The Do’s and Don’ts

There is an etiquette to follow when dining out with your doggo. Let’s review the do’s and don’ts of your four-legged guest while you’re visiting an eatery.

DO- Leash At All Times. This is the most important rule to follow, even if you consider your pup well behaved or relatively mellow. Make sure you bring a shorter leash as well. Recognize you are not only caring for other guests, but your dog too.

DON’T- Place Your Dog On A Table Or Chair. You might do this at home, but in a restaurant, it goes against certain health and safety protocols. Instead, your furry friend should be near your feet (not under the table) at all times, unless you’re snapping a quick photo.

DO- Call Beforehand. Not every eatery permits pets. And if they allow your pup to join, it’s important to scout the area to make sure your friend can handle the environment.

DON’T- Come Empty Handed. We shouldn’t assume every pet-friendly food-joint provides water bowls, blankets, or toys to occupy their time. Take the steps necessary to ensure your dog’s comfort throughout your meal.

DO- Feed Beforehand. Your pup might beg or try to get your food if he’s hungry and everyone around him is eating. Feeding him before you leave should lower his begging level, and make members in your party time more enjoyable.

DON’T- Tie Their Leash To Furniture. A common mistake owners make is tying the dog’s leash to a table, chair, or other furniture. This is a big no no. As this can cause injuries to yourself, or to others. Grasp or loop their leash around your arm or wrist at all times.

DO- Go For a Long Walk Before You Leave. It’s good to have your pup to be as tired as possible while he’s at the eatery.

DON’T- Show Up At Peak Hours. Less busy times will allow you and your pup a more relaxed, enjoyable experience. Although, if you are planning on visiting during peak hours, make sure the establishment has an ideal space for your doggo.

DO- Be Courteous To The Staff And Other Guests. Not everyone will feel comfortable around your dog. People who are not used to being around dogs may find certain noises a distraction. Be prepared to accompany your dog for a short walk during your meal. And always thank the restaurant staff!


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