Choosing A Collar & Leash

If you take your dog or cat out for a walk, you will immediately begin to notice the wide array of leashes available for pets. You also begin to question if you are using the right leash for your pet. Here are some basics to consider when you purchase:

Safety Comes First

If you start researching leashes and collars, you will run into multiple debates about virtually every product on the market. Some will note the dangers of retractable leashes, while others will argue that only harnesses should ever be used. It can be confusing.

However, the one thing we should all agree on is that safety for both pets and people must be a priority. If the collar is hurting your pet, or the leash is yanking their neck, seek a different solution. If your choice allows your dog to get free and aggressively approach other pets, it is time for a change.

Consider Comfort Next

Not every collar and leash combination will provide equivalent comfort for your pet. Once you have narrowed your search down through the filter of safety, it’s time to consider comfort. Just as uncomfortable clothing can impact a person’s mood and demeanor, an uncomfortable combination for your dog or cat can create behavioral problems.

This is why trying out several recommended solutions can be worth the time. If the collar/leash combination is creating discomfort, your pet is more likely to battle you on walks. They will constantly work to get out of their harness or even attack their leash. Everything from thickness to weight can impact comfort.

Train the Trainer

The last recommendation is to learn about your equipment and train yourself while you’re training your pet. Every piece of pet equipment – if used incorrectly – can compromise safety and create discomfort. Don’t just research the best equipment for your pet, research how to use the best equipment for your specific pet.

Small dogs can be more fragile than larger breeds. Small cats are radically different than small dogs. Puppies need to be handled differently than adult dogs. And the list goes on and on. Work with your pet and pay attention to the signals they give you about size, weight, style, tightness, etc. and everyone will have a healthier experience.


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