Cat Grooming with Aussie Pet Mobile – Really March 2022

Absolutely! Cats need grooming too.  A lot of groomers won’t even touch cats. Fortunately for all those finicky felines, Aussie Pet Mobile specializes in cat grooming and this is a great time of year for your cat to be groomed by your Aussie Pet Mobile professional.  Here are some cat pointers for you to consider.

Matting (knots in the coat) is a big problem with cats.  It starts out slowly, maybe across the belly or down the middle of the back, and then spreads like wildfire.  Before you know it, your cat is fully matted and in pretty severe discomfort.

Sometimes people wait until their cat is in a severe state before they call their groomer.  Then, when your cat is finally with the groomer the costs are higher because the work is harder and more dangerous to the pet or the groomer.  Cats will not tolerate hand de-matting because it simply hurts too much.  The mats grow and become tighter and then begin to pull at the skin and can become a source of mold, sores, fleas, and fungus that you may not notice. It also makes it more difficult for your cat to walk and move, causing physical and emotional stress to the cat.  The good news is that Aussie Pet Mobile can help you and your cat.

It costs a bit more to groom a cat because cats fight the process more than dogs do. Cats do not stand for you, they scratch (which could potentially give your groomer “cat scratch fever“ – no, it’s not just an old Ted Nugent song), they bite, which is very dangerous because the bacteria in a cat’s mouth is very potent and requires immediate treatment and the bite is much more intense and painful for your groomer medically.  Aussie Pet Mobile groomers are fully trained in the safe handling of cats.

Call your local Aussie Pet Mobile groomer today and set up your cat’s grooming appointment.  Our cat service includes a full bath, hand drying, no cages, and lots of brushing.  We can also perform wonderful lion cuts to eliminate mats or just help your kitty stay cooler.  Plus, our Fabulous de-shedding service is the very best way to reduce shedding and help prevent matting in your cat.  Call 1-800-PET-MOBILE for all your cat (or dog) grooming needs.


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