Caring for Animals In A Crisis

The tragic fire in Maui this past month has heightened awareness of pet care when a natural disaster occurs. This preceded pictures and videos circulated online of animals impacted by Hurricane Hillary.

Here are some commonsense priorities to keep in mind when facing a natural disaster:

  • Have A Pet-Plan
    No one wants to have to choose between their pets and people. One way to prevent this is to have a plan for your pets in the event of a crisis. Having an emergency bag complete with food, water, first-aid supplies, prescription medications, blanket/covering, etc. in a “go-bag” is the best place to start. Knowing you can grab your pet and grab one bag can prevent difficult choices.
  • Prioritize People and Pets
    Yes, every life is precious, but many pets can take care of themselves better than children, elders, or people with disabilities. As soon as you know a storm or natural disaster is heading your way, take a minute to mentally list your plan. Parents can grab children while also calling for their dog(s). A teenager can track down a cat while grandparents are helped by others. The more complex your household is, the more valuable a prepared plan can be.
  • Host A Household Meeting
    Consider taking advantage of recent events to sit down and talk through your plans and ideas with everyone in your household. The more everyone knows, the better off everyone will be.

No one wants to face natural disasters. When we do, they usually come quickly and can leave us in a panic. Take a few minutes now to prepare for the unknown events that can impact your family.


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